The GNUVario-E project is a collaborative effort to create a variometer using open source hardware and software.

Characteristics :

  • High precision altitude with improved ms5611 from Te connectivity (10cm resolution)
  • High precision vertical speed with InvenSense MPU 9250 accelerometer
  • Display on a 1.54 ”or Good Display 2,9” (GDEW029M06) E-paper screen: altitude, vertical speed, ground speed, …
  • Ground speed and glide ratio with GPS
  • Height above ground level
  • Flight recording on an SD card in .IGC format
  • Bluetooth communication with external device
  • Battery level
  • Variometer update via WIFI
  • Variometer settings update via WIFI
  • Flight logbook on internal webserver or flights exportable on the online flight logbook website
  • Saving flights to a Dropbox account
  • Multi screen
  • Sound configuration by curve
  • Deep sleep fonction
  • 3 push buttons


  • jeromev Developer / AGL
  • jpg63 Developer / Website
  • pixyz Developer / Website developer
  • prunkdump Developer / initial source code
  • ratamuse PCB / 3d case design / Developer / Website
  • Ttamttam Contibution to website
  • vmath54 Contibution to website

Version :

  • Site internet 1.06w