The GNUVario project is a collaborative effort to built an open source and open hardware variometer.

If you need help, register on GitHub and use the email address given on the profile page or add an issue on the project.

Features :

  • High precision altitude with improved ms5611 code
  • High precision vertical velocity with InvenSense accelerometer (optionnal)
  • Screen display with Nokia 5110 : altitude, vertical speed, ground speed, glide ratio and more (optionnal)
  • Ground speed and glide ratio with GPS device (optionnal)
  • Flight tracking with SD card reader and GPS (optionnal)
  • Bluetooth communication with external device (optionnal)
  • Battery level (optionnal)

Where to start :

If you don’t know anything about Arduino start by getting :

  • An easy to use Arduino board (Uno or Nano).
  • A breadboard and the connecting cables.
  • A ms5611 + MPU9250 board.
  • An 5110 LCD display.

With this, you can start becoming familiar with the Arduino tools. Connect the components following the schematics. And try compiling the source code.

You can get the variometer working on the breadboard and start testing some different settings.

Next, you can add some other components (GPS, buzzer, SD card …. ). And if everything works, you can try to put all your components in a case following yout own design.

Or if you want something small and optimized you can make the GNUVario PCB and follow the hardware tutorial.